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Mode Noir, Inc. is a multi-faceted company based out of Jacksonville, FL.  It was established September 2011.  Our motto is "Where excellence is the ONLY option..."  All of our business is done in an excellent manner and we hope to service you through one of our entities.
 4th Annual Real Size, Real Chic Fashion Show

4th Annual Real Size, Real Chic

Designers and Sponsors
River City Marketplace Location, Jacksonville, FL

West Palm Beach, FL

Little Royalties 
Custom Children's Clothing
Jacksonville, FL
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3rd Annual Real Size, Real Chic Show view the album

We can Make ANYTHING possible!
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Our cover girl Tink Sanders
Modeling is More than Being Pretty
#3 July 2013
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Baby Sling Tutorial Video
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Mode Noir Boutique, located in Jacksonville, FL, makes custom baby slings. This video is a tutorial to show the different stages and uses of Mode Noir Slings. see our website for more information www...